10 apps that every university student should have


We all know university can be pretty difficult at times. We also know that the average university student spends hours clicking away through the latest technology trends. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of apps that will make your university life more exciting and less of a hassle.

1. RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Believe it or not, this actually has the same functions as a scientific calculator. This is the perfect substitute for those without a calculator. Just make sure your professors allow the use of it before you pull it out during an exam!

2. Dictionary.com Mobile
With so many words in the English dictionary, you’re bound to come across a few that you are clueless about. Avoid this lack of ignorance and check out a word’s meaning when you aren’t sure of the definition. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to impress your professors every now and then with words they don’t even know!

3. Studious
How many times has your phone gone off in class and embarrassed you? With studious you won’t ever have to worry about that again. Once you enter your class schedule, it makes sure no one disturbs you during class hours. You can even save notes and due dates for assignments.

4. Skype
Video interviews will always be a thing, especially if you’re applying somewhere abroad. Download Skype and keep in touch with all your family and friends.

5. LinkedIn
Keep your personal and professional connections all in one place with LinkedIn. It’s never too early to start on the correct path to your future.

6. Sleep If U Can Alarm
You may know it as the “world’s most annoying alarm app,” and you're absolutely right! This app offers two options for shutting off your alarm in the morning: you can either shake your phone when the alarm goes off or you can take a picture of a piece of furniture/ appliance in the house that appears on the screen. Talk about annoying! Look at the bright side, you’ll never miss your morning classes again.

7. Twitter
Avoid being the only one of your friends that isn’t up-to-date! Stay in the social loop about university news and events, trends, and all the latest gossip.

8. Google Drive
If you’re entering university in this day and age, you probably have way too many Google Docs to keep track of. This app will allow you to access them from anywhere and guess what the best part is, it’s free!

9. Share your Board
Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your professor when taking notes. This app allows you to take pictures of the white board during lectures or meetings when you’re in a rush. It will even adjust the balance of the background to make the writing appear clearer. All you have to do is get used to your professor’s messy handwriting.

10. Whatsapp
And of course, last but not least, the oh-so-popular Whatsapp because emails and phone calls are too mainstream. How else would you tell your friend you’re 3 minutes away when you actually haven’t even left your house?