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About Us

The Université Libano-Française (ULF), founded in 1996 by Lebanese and French professors, is an independent, secular and nonprofit Lebanese higher education institution.

ULF is recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Decrees No. 9278/5-10-1996 & 851/31-10-2007), and is located in Deddeh-Koura, Tripoli, Chtaura, and Dik el Mehdi (Metn).

ULF gathers prominent members from Lebanese, French and American communities who have joined its Board of Trustees, a sign of commitment to its core philosophy rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation.

ULF covers diverse academic fields, from business to humanities and sciences, engineering, education sciences, and arts. Courses are taught in French or in English.

ULF fosters democracy in learning and is dedicated to a value-driven education. It assigns the highest standard of academic excellence to its programs and aims to develop ethical and responsible professionals oriented towards civic engagement. Accreditation and Governance represent two fundamental pillars of the Quality Assurance pole.

ULF curriculum is student-centered, well-diversified and designed to nurture creative learners, problem solvers and critical thinkers able to compete in the workplace.

ULF is member of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), one of the most important higher education and research associations in the world. The AUF consolidates a network of nearly 800 institutions in a hundred countries across the five continents.