Strategic Council

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Strategic Council

The Strategic Council serves as an advisory body to ULF to highlight major challenges facing the learning community in Lebanon, and to help guide the strategic priorities of ULF to support innovative models for improving student outcomes.

The Strategic Council is comprised of a select group committed to encouraging the development and adoption of best practices in the educational field, and to enhancing its access, affordability and quality.

Members of the Strategic Council

President, Pr. Jean-Claude Beaune
Vice-Presidents, Pr. Antoine Messarra, Pr. Michel Bennasar
Secretary, Pr. Odette Barbero
Member, Pr. Dominique Chabert
Member, Ex-Minister Ahmad Fatfat
Member, Pr. Jean-Paul Fernandez
Member, Mr. Eric Guichard
Member, Pr. Christopher Malone
Member, Mrs. Salwa Nacouzi
Member, Pr. Daniel Parrochia
Member, Dr. May Saade