Word of the Director

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Word of the Director

It is with great satisfaction that I am able to declare ULF Metn officially open.

I have been involved in the creation of this new campus of ULF since its beginning and have watched our ambitious plans evolve into a beautiful completed project.

I have always recognised the importance of education. Now, more than ever, a quality education is essential for those who wish to prosper in life.

Our mission at ULF Metn is to make our quality teaching and first-class learning environment available to all and we have marked this with our special inauguration tuition fee discount.

We also believe in moving with the times. Nowadays technology advancements move at a faster pace than ever before and they will continue to advance. At ULF Metn we are committed to staying ahead of the trend, in terms of facilities and methods. Our students may benefit from the newest technology and a personalised education, tailored to fit their individual needs.