Tips to gain brain power

Do you have trouble concentrating while studying? Do you have a memory with the life span of a fish? How about a short attention span? Many of us, especially during exams take for granted the importance of good nutrition in combination with physical activity. These two factors are what keep your mind and body healthy and capable of enduring tough situations such as the stress of your exams!

Give yourself a mental boost by following these tips and adding the following foods and drinks to your daily diet;

1. Say hello to coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks which contain the key ingredient Caffeine to make you more alert in order to gain more energy and concentrate better.

2. Glucose derived from the carbs we eat to boost your memory, thinking, and mental ability.

3. Do NOT skip breakfast! It has been proven that students who have breakfast perform better than those who chose to skip it. Tip: Include high fiber whole grains, dairy, and fruits in your breakfast.

4. Do you want to have amazing brain power? Eat Fish not only to enhance your memory but to help with your heart health since it contains Omega 3 fatty acids.

5. Nuts to enhance focus

6. Blueberries help keep your memory sharp for a long time, and they can also cure Alzheimer’s disease. Also, they are anti-aging!

7. As weird as it sounds, chewing gum can help you get through a stressful task while being alert.

8. Drink lots of water to stay stress-free and energetic.

9. Stay in shape by exercising.

10. Get a good night’s sleep so you can concentrate better.

Too much or too little of anything is not good for you, this is why you need to carry out a balanced diet and eat proportionately the food mentioned above. Feed your brain with the right nutrients so it can help you concentrate better, retain information longer, and be alert and energetic.