The 6 clichés you’re sure to meet in college and how to deal with them


On your very first day in college, you feel a bit lost. While you’re worrying about whether your teacher has it in for you, if you’ll still find a spot in the English course you wanted, or what your classmates will be like, you don’t have much time to think about whether you’ll be part of the in-crowd, or just a plain outcast. Here’s a "cliché list" of people you are sure to meet in college, along with ways you can benefit from them. You make the decision for yourself!

The Nerd
These ones will be the first in the library and the very last to leave. If you aren’t sure who I’m talking about, just look at the very first row in each one of your classes. They may be the ones throwing off the curve but look at the plus side, next time you need help with your essay, you know who to call. Their straight A’s and success will inspire you to work harder in the future, even though you may not realize it now.

The Future CEO
This one, you won’t see coming. He/she will usually blend in. They could be an ordinary student who studies just to get by, one who is brilliant and great with numbers, one whose daddy owns half the town, or just another face in the crowd, but you will meet at least one of these. That’s a given. If you can spot him, grab his attention. Who knows, maybe you’ll be his partner in a multi-million dollar company one day.

The Hippie/protestor
Try not to be too judgmental about this one. For all you know, they could be helping the planet or trying to save an endangered species. They’re the ones with dreadlocks in their hair, baggy pants, piercings and possibly one with too many tattoos. If they aren’t holding up a sign that says “make love, not war” they’re probably strumming away at their guitar and collecting coins from passersby. However, keep in mind, they are almost sure to be creatively artistic, they take a liking in the environment and they are successfully argumentative.

The Wannabe Barbie
This one you’re sure to notice immediately. Be it her shriek from across campus because she broke a nail, or her bright pink purse and top that went unnoticed 40 meters away, you’re basically predestined to meet her. Try not to get on her bad side though, she’ll probably shower you in glitter! Why would you bother keeping her around you ask? Well, for starters, she can be pretty confident and likeable, and she’ll have you giggling in no time. If you’re lucky enough she may even give you a makeover and help you feel more confident about yourself.

The Jock
This one will most probably be the guy that always wears a jersey or knows the detailed play by play of each sporting event that has ever taken place since the 1940’s. He’ll be the one looking over your shoulder during Thursday’s math exam because his favorite basketball team was down by five points last night and he was too busy sulking to study. Keep in mind though, if you ever miss a game, you know who to call for details.

That one professor
We all have that one professor in college that makes us want to rip our hair out. You may think he’s old, mean and smells of coffee and books (which may be true), but he will push you to become a better person, student, teammate, etc. You will definitely learn a lot, whether you’d like to admit it or not. Somewhere down the road, maybe years from now, you’ll catch yourself saying thank you Mr. Smith for making me rewrite that essay 7 times!