How to balance work and study at a university


We all had to do it at a certain point: working while being a student. Grown-ups claim that they have it worse but they have no idea. If you just have work after your shift you will go home and that will be it, unlike those of us who must study and work.


Here is how it will go for a student who does both at the same time; Wake up, head to university, head to work, head back home, and when all you want to do is head to bed you must head to your books!


University students live on coffee, sleepless nights, long working shifts, books, and to top all that we must party! We are like kings, only better. But the key is to succeed, and leading such a lifestyle makes you want to work harder, study harder, so you graduate and find your success.


The truth is not everyone can do it, some end up lacking at one or the other, those who do manage to make it with a good GPA and making their bosses happy are those who will succeed later on as well. What is the key? Balance.


Put your priorities in order


You can’t do everything due to lack of time, so organize yourself. Make a daily to do list, so you would know what tasks are due today, and which you can delay.


Stay healthy


Make sure you put yourself as a priority as well, because if you don’t feel good you won’t be able to get to your responsibilities, and since you don’t have the luxury of “free time” any time wasted will only delay the to do list of the next day.


You need to learn to work smarter not harder


Since you have time restrictions, you must learn to study effectively and rather fast. This won’t only help you today, but in the future you would have developed the skill of finishing your tasks faster.


Don’t miss lectures


Attending lectures is what will get you through and save you lots of time, since you would understand most of the material during the lectures, summarize the notes, and ask anything you do not understand. So when it comes to the exams you would need less time studying, since you would be familiar with the material.


Talk it out with your boss


Make sure your boss knows that you have school, so when exam period comes he gives you a break. Also, you never know what comes up unexpectedly so your job should understanding of this and flexible. Remember school comes first always, well for now.


A day off


This is a must. A day off from school and work, which you give your head and body a proper break, and have the life of teenager for a day. So go do what you love.


An HR manager once told me that if she had two sets of Resume in front of her, one with a student who has a GPA of 4  but no experience and another who has a lower GPA but work experience, without thought she will take the student with lower GPA. She said this student has gone through hard and limited time to succeed; the other had all the time of the world to study to achieve such a GPA. So all the hard time, fun times canceled, baggy eyes due to sleepless nights, yellow teeth due to over consumption of coffee will pay off! You will graduate with a good GPA, high toleration for endurance, minimal need for sleep, and a job that pays well enough so you can whiten those teeth!


Here at ULF we do the best we can to facilitate your life, so we have vacancies inside the university you can apply to in order to work. This way you would be working inside the university, saving the time and the traffic you would have to go through to reach your job elsewhere.