5 Tips to help you stay alert after a sleepless night


Let’s face it, you know you shouldn’t leave studying for an exam or writing your final paper to the last minute, but you still do it. College students tend to believe there is always time until its 9 pm and your exam is due tomorrow. So it hits you, you are in trouble!

The next day comes and you feel your body is about to wreck and your brain is tired from a sleepless night, and you need to be able to pull yourself together so your performance is at its best and you attend to your responsibilities.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay at your best after a sleepless night:

1. Once you wake, take a shower! A cold one gives you good wakeup call, refreshes your body and strengthens your immunity. While a warm bath accelerates blood circulation, releases stress, and keeps away headaches. So take your pick according to what works better for your mind and body.

2. Make sure your breakfast and lunch are well balanced and nutritious. Have a breakfast which contains high fiber whole grains, dairy and fruits, and a lunch which contains lots of proteins to gain as much energy as possible.
• Tip: Drink ice-cold water every 30 minutes along with decaffeinated herbal tea to achieve an energy boost that gets you through the day. Keep coffee to a minimum since too much of it can make you feel fatigued.

3. Take a 30-minute walk under the sun or bright light. According to Clete Kushida, MD, MPH a neurologist and sleep specialist “Getting bright light in the morning syncs the nucleus and enables the brain to remain more awake." This way, you exercise, get your blood pumping and you enjoy a nice walk under the sun.

4. Whenever possible take a quick power nap, no longer than 20 minutes.

5. Be positive and keep pushing yourself to the finish line. You have already gotten this far, you do not want to give up!

Even though you should not make it a habit, sleepless nights happen to all of us, but by following the above tips you will be able to get though the next day successfully. You need to be aware that sleeping is how your brain and body recover from a tiresome day, so it is highly encouraged to have proper sleep the next night to feel fully energized and to jump high any hoops that life brings you the following day.