How to get back into study mode


OK, vacation time is over. Going back to work or school after a break, whether it's just been three days or, lucky you, 15 days can be brutal. No more open-ended days. No more sleeping in. Here's how to avoid too much shock and ease back into productivity mode.

1. Start Your Day Right: Well-Rested and with a Good Breakfast
Whatever your habits were over the vacation, the first day back will be a lot less stressful if you've gotten a good night's sleep and have prepared everything you need the next morning so you're not rushing and can actually get something to eat. Worse comes to worst, you can make an egg in a mug in a minute, miso soup and eggs for a hangover remedy, or shake up some oatmeal in a jar. Do some stretching and other exercise if you can. It's time to wake up and get back in the game!

2. Get Started Early
The sooner you realize vacation is over, the sooner you’ll become more productive. So get your mind set into it. Start working the minute you get work, if you get lazy you won’t get anything done.

3. Plan Your Day and Week
For school success, creating a study plan and routine at the start of the semester is crucial. Use a planner or online calendar like Google Calendar not just to schedule all your classes, but also carve out your study times and project due dates, referring to your course handouts.

This organization part can get you back into the work or studying mindset and even get you excited for the rest of the week or year.

4. Start with Small Stuff You Can Check Off
Your small tasks at the start of the year may be just to get oriented. Attend your first classes. Read the syllabus. Make sure you've got all the supplies and books you need (or make the notes and preparations to get them). You're off to a good start.

5. Stay motivated
Vacation is great but succeeding is better. So just like you gave your all to your vacation, give your all to studies, and get you mind back in the game after that long break.