The joy (and incredible benefits) of reading


“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”
― William Styron


When was the last time you held a book and fell in love with it? I hope the answer to this isn’t long ago. I also hope that you still remember the smell of books; it is part of what makes reading beautiful. Now a day people’s reading habit revolves around Facebook updates or different tweets, which is rather sad because we are all the time connected to social media. When you sit down to read a book you are also connected, but it is a totally different kind of connection. Like William Styron mentioned when you read a book you get to experience the lives of the different characters, relate to certain characters’ lives, and even find answers to your wonders.

Reading also helps you:

1. Reduce stress
When you read a book you let go of all that’s on your mind, be it work, personal relationships, or other issues. You let your mind engage solely on the novel your reading, hence taking your worries away for a little while.

2. Become more knowledgeable
Books are filled with knowledge, so whenever you’re reading your head is being filled with bits and pieces of information. The more knowledge you acquire the wiser you become, and even more interesting as a person.

3. Benefit some mental stimulation
Keeping your brain active through reading helps you avoid Alzheimer’s and dementia. Since the brain is a muscle like any other, so engaging it in reading keeps it keen.

4. Enhance your vocabulary
We all know the more you read, the more you will be exposed to new words, and eventually become more articulate and well-spoken. Also, it will help you in your daily life by being able to find the right words to describe your feelings, or a certain situation. And in your professional life since you can speak to higher-ups with more confidence, and portray sophistication and professionalism.

5. Improve your memory
When reading a book you must remember every single character, their names, lives, backgrounds, ambitions, and every other detail. So over time those of you with a memory span of a fish will see a huge improvement.

6. Improve your analytical thinking
When you are reading a novel you automatically analyze or think about what will happen next, make you own conclusions, and connect the dots.

7. Focus
You will learn to alienate yourself from everything else, and just concentrate on reading. This will help you make it a habit with everything else that you do, in the sense that you will start concentrating simply on what you are doing.

8. Enhance your writing skills
When reading you will see how authors write, their style, their language, and their vocabulary. This will all stick in your head, and will make you a better writer.

So... read!


Read because it’s fun, relaxing, and takes your troubles away. Read because it makes you more interesting, and expands your imagination to so many different levels. And finally read because sometimes a book character might understand you better than any other person in your life.