Music is your productivity booster


One word: Music! That’s all you need to boost and maintain your productivity.


Mindlab International conducted an experiment. 26 participants were asked to work on different tasks five days in a row- spell-checking, equation solving, mathematical word problems, data entry and abstract reasoning. The participants completed the tasks while listening to one of four music genres or no music at all. The result? The participants made the most mistakes when not listening to music at all.


A number of studies showed that music boosts productivity in repetitive work, that music with natural sounds elevates mood and improves concentration and that people perform better on IQ tests while listening to up-tempo music.


Enough with proofs and theories, allow us now to help you stay ahead of the game.


Go for classical music if you have to deal with numbers or you seek a high attention to details.


If you’re working on databases or similar or working tonight on an assignment due tomorrow, Pop music will do the trick.




If you signed up for a world of equations, you definitely need ambient music to solve these not so fun “riddles”.



And finally comes dance music if your tasks involve: spell-checking, solving equations and tackling tricky mathematical word problems. You can dance too if you feel like it! 



One last advice: every now and then change the music genre, speed and tempo and don’t forget the musical breaks. Just as your mind needs a break from study, your ears miss that too!