How to stay focused during the Holiday Season


It’s already hard enough having to balance between university hours on one side and homework, exams and projects on the other side. So we’re totally aware of the bigger challenge you’re facing during the Holiday season with the finals due shortly after the New Year’s beginning and your desire to indulge in the Christmas spirit to the fullest.


Planning is the first and most important step

Make a plan. Determine the time needed to study for each exam or to finish a project, while assessing the time period that suits you best depending on your nature or preference: morning, afternoon or evening. Also, make a list of your holiday errands. Fill out the calendar accordingly, and most importantly stick to the schedule!


Staying healthy is key

When you’re under pressure, you tend to consume all kinds of unhealthy food: chips, cookies, … Not to mention all these holiday treats your mother proudly displays on silver platters. Do not surrender to temptation, instead try healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables, while drinking a lot of water. Such a healthy diet will boost your productivity and concentration, thus giving you all the energy you need.


Taking breaks is a must

Your brain and body need a little rest; taking breaks when you are under pressure and trying to juggle tasks helps improve your focus and mood. Go for a short walk and shop a bit on your way, join your family in the living room for some quality time together, watch some TV series…  Breaks help you rejuvenate your soul, mind and body, so you may resume studying in a better mood.

Having said that, staying focused during the Holidays is not a piece of cake! But with a strong sense of responsibility, a good plan, a healthy body,  you’ll certainly nail it! Despite everything, do not forget to have some fun and live the Christmas spirit, it only comes once a year…